We who think together…

“…something as simple as an everyday conversation causes the brains of the participants to begin to work simultaneously.”

(Source: PsychCentral. Retrieved 10:40am 24 July 2017)

I think that this new research finding is important for brands, advertising and marketing folk and generally anyone who needs to initiate a dialogue.

Assuming that we take the research to be solid and accurate, then what patterns do communications folk set up when they push messages out to potential customers?

We’re all familiar with aggressive sales tactics, hoardings screaming BUY THIS NOW at us, radio adverts trying to push some new product or the general lack of interest in online advertising.

And while these are often one-sided exchanges (diffusion of the content rarely means that the sender is in the same place as the receiver), I can’t help but think how these tactics affect brain waves/patterns.

Do aggressive messages set up aggressive patterns? Do ill-thought through communications which put one group at deficit against another set up a similarly negative pattern?

Maybe a change of approach, some new words or images will allow the brain waves of the sender (the brand) and the receiver (the potential customer) to sync up.  And if this happens, will the messages be retained more deeply, remembered more easily and acted on with less friction?

I’ve written before about joint/shared attention – perhaps neurosynchronicity is the next stage of that; something that we can measure, evaluate and use to improve our daily practice.

Exciting times.


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