Let me introduce you to something new

This, my friends, is deeply personal. I hope you’ll like it.  

More than that, I hope you’ll get it.

In March, I left my secure Head Of Communications job to start out on my own.  To build an independent practice which helps businesses to grow through skillful, insightful and human communications.

Why on earth would I want to do that?


I believe that we can transform society by increasing the opportunities for meaningful work.

I believe, fundamentally, in the power of work that has meaning, value and purpose to create positive change.  I believe in the power not only of growing businesses (creating more jobs) but in the power of making meaning matter in the businesses we already have.  

There many psychological studies into the relationship between meaningful or fulfilling work and positive mental health.

And there are numerous in-depth studies into how worklessness adversely affects the health of individuals, societies and communities.

Looking around societies in the developed world, it pains me to see people who want to work out of work.  It pains me to see companies sucking the lifeblood out of their employees.  It pains me to see local economic collapse from macro-economic factors destroying people, families, communities.

I feel a sense of personal urgency in doing something to change this.  If not now, then when (to paraphrase Tracy Chapman)?

More than that, I feel a sense of personal agency in being able to do something to change this.  I’m a weaver of ideas, a connector of people, a dreamer and a do-er.  I can do this (and because I can, I feel a duty to do).

Everything I’ve learned in 17 years is ready to be poured into this.  Everything I’ve learned in 17 years is going to be poured into this.


Friends, let me introduce NeoNodal.

This is my developing practice.  When I get up-and-running fully, I’m going to be blogging over there about the topics of context and participation; about meaning, value and purpose as they apply to modern business; about growing business through amazing communications; and using business growth to transform society.

(This leaves Interacter free to be fully me, a record of the interesting things I happen across, in whatever field or furrow I happen across them in and hopefully allowing your experience to be more cohesive in the process.  Over the next few months, I’ll be stripping out old posts, only keeping the most interesting ones and experimenting with new ways of doing things)

There’s a lot of unpack.  Some of it I’m only just feeling into myself, finding the words to put to screen to share exactly what I mean by “context” and “participation”; why “involvement” is preferable to “engagement” and so on.  (I do know.  But the explanation tends to involve a lot of arm waving)

This is exciting.  This is vital.  And this is happening now.

I hope that you’ll enjoy all of the journeys as they start to reveal themselves.


(And, if you would like someone to help you create growth in your company through skillful, insightful and human communications – get in touch either on the website, through Twitter or LinkedIn.  This is the sort of stuff I do – and if you need something else, just let me know because I might know the people who can do it with you.

Hustle over.)

So - what did you think? Love it? Loathe it? Have something to add? Well, what are you waiting for?

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