Talking storytelling with Ryan Caligiuri


Storytelling is the Thing Of The Minute in business, right?


Ad execs and marketing types (hello) in black turtle necks and sports coats will tell you that It’s all about the story, man.  Which kinda makes it all sound a bit lame.

However, we are hard wired for stories.  We love a good yarn – but how do we apply these to our companies and teams?

This is just one of the questions Ryan Caligiuri and I riff on while dissecting David Pearl’s ‘Story for Leaders‘.

First up, here’s Ryan’s thoughts on the book – brought to you by his Cut The Crap Podcast.

And then here’s our conversation where you also get my key take-aways from the book as well.

Talking with Ryan’s an absolute blast – we have so much fun and I always find that he helps to elevate my thinking on what we’ve been reading.  Even if I think that I’ve got a take-away down, he’ll drop in a little something that pushes it a bit deeper.

Hell, he even brought the fabulous Honda ‘What If’ back to my mind (probably one of the finest ads in the history of ever.  Ever).  If it’s not at the top of your mind, here’s a treat:


Hope that you enjoy our conversation.   And if you fancy a mind-meld on stories, business or just Interesting Stuff for your podcast, hit me up on Twitter (it’ll be awesome to hear from you).

So - what did you think? Love it? Loathe it? Have something to add? Well, what are you waiting for?

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