On the way back…


Can you believe this blog has taken a three year hiatus?  Hell’s teeth – where did that time go?

It’s now time for that hiatus to come to an end.  (The truth is – I’ve missed you)

There will be some changes over the coming weeks.  A new design, some old posts archived away for safe keeping, general tidying and de-cobwebbing.

And a shake-up of the content too (there’s been a lot of change in the last three years).

A while back, I launched Contagious Truth as my deeper exploration into the fields of social marketing and behavioural change.   Splitting my offer gives me the chance to now evolve this blog into something else.

Something more rounded.  Something exploring topics around people, place and purpose.  I’m becoming ever more fascinated by contemporary urbanism, anthropology, system influence and how we, as human beings, explore the universe we’re currently living in without going completely mad.

I’m excited about sharing a new story with you.  I’m excited for the journey that’s about to start.

This is going to be awesome…


(And while I’m sorting this out in the background, why not head over to Twitter to say Howdy?)

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