Chevy says “Find new roads”. I say “Yes please”

Chevrolet have debuted their latest ad following the unceremonious dumping of “Runs Deep” as a slogan.

And, you know what?  I think that it might just work…

“Runs Deep” was a horrible tagline than no-one really understood.

I mean, I get what they tried to do, I really do.

The attempt was to position Chevy as some kind of cut-me-in-half-and-you’ll-find-Chevy-written-in-my-core type thing.  Here’s quite a good write up from Autoblog.

But it never really worked.

However, “Find New Roads” could make up for all of that.

Here’s the 90-second launch spot:

I could pick holes in the spot…

It feels very female focused, the car skateboard thing isn’t new.

But damn, I want a StingRay.

The spot is a bit bitty.  The tablet swipe is OK, but works well enough as a device to carry momentum through the different segments.

But, damn, did I mention that StingRay?

Where I think that it really excels is the final line:

“Why just go from A to B, when imagination can take you everywhere?”

This has such enormous promise that it’s hard to quantify.

It’s a pity that the spot doesn’t really capitalise on the full strength of the tag’s promise, but I’m prepared to let this slide for the time being – such is my belief in the power of the line’s potential.

However, the openness of the positioning leaves them with the full gamut of marketing ‘cool stuff’ to play with.  Everything from a custom GPS app to a RedBull style outback adventure is theirs for the taking.  And it’s great on an emotional level as well, connecting a sense of joy, discovery and family exploration together in a way that I’ve not seen since some early work for the Honda Jazz.

I’m also excited to see how this will translate to Chevy’s biggest owned media space – the showroom.  I’m already buzzing with what I would do – so I can’t wait to see what they pull out of the bag.

Well done, Chevrolet.  This is one reposition that I can’t wait to see the second instalment of…

Neil Hopkins is a Marketing and Branding Theorist at heart, and a Marketing Communications Manager by day. His blog – interacter – is the primary location he shares insight and information relating to marketing, branding and advertising strategy.
You can follow Neil on Twitter, circle him (like an escaped bull) on Google+ or track him down in any number of other ways.


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