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A short definition of your brand

I’ve written many times before about brand and branding.

Today, I’m going to give you a definition at its very simplest.

Your Brand is your DNA, what makes you and your business tick. It’s your raison d’etre and the people who make it happen.

Everything else – your tone of voice, your customer journey steps, your logo, typeface, graphic style and statements of vision/values is the frippery which helps you express that DNA.

So be clear about your DNA. Uncover it. Discover it. Embrace it.

Love your people. Make them advocates. Make them alumni when they leave. Value them.

Because if you’re not and if you don’t, the rest isn’t worth anything.


6 thoughts on “A short definition of your brand

  1. I love this theme!

    I’d say a lot of the ‘everything else’ you refer to is brandING (as opposed to brand) and, yes, there is often too much importance placed on it. This is probably what you were implying, although you don’t mention branding apart from in your intro, so sorry if I’m merely repeating what you meant.

    These days you can’t wrap up mediocrity in shiny packaging to sell it. Your product or service has to be as good as you say it is – or you’ll be found out. In other words, your brand has to be as good as your branding.

    I always think of brand as the sum total of what people say about you when you’re not in the room, as it were. Branding is what cowboys do to cows.

    Michael 🙂

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