Catalytic Thinking

Are you prepared for ‘Now’?

Forget all of the other C-models that you might have heard in relation to marketing or advertising.

I’ve got three that will make or break you.

C1 – Consume.
C2 – Curate.
C3 – Create.

If you look at that list and can’t work out how your customer moves from C1 – C3, you’ve got a problem.

We live in the Social Age of Now.

Our customers want to consume our content in a way that suits them. That means they want it when they want it.

More often than not, that means now.

If we’re doing our jobs right as marketers, our customers want to curate our content. That means they want to share it across their networks.

There’s no point being a Johnny Come Lately here – if you’re the last to share then you might as well not bother.

So that means sharing now.

And if we’ve really earning our paycheck, our customers will want to create. This is not just remixing, evolving a meme or getting their photo taken with our product and uploaded to our Facebook wall.

Creating means substantively reacting with more than a retweet. Even a comment on a blog post or news article is creating.

Creation is best in the heat of the moment, when the juices are flowing and the passion’s hot.

This means now.

For you and I, this means moving our customers from C1 to C3 seamlessly, frictionlessly.

We have to create content worthy of consumption, worthy of curation and that demands creation.

We have to ensure that our platforms can cope with the demands of now.

We have to be certain that our teams can flex and stretch to deliver content worthy of now.

Now is the only option.

Yesterday’s too late. And tomorrow’s a now which hasn’t happened yet.

So learn from yesterday. Plan for tomorrow. But deliver a now for your customers and your brand.


What’s your plan?

Neil Hopkins is a Marketing and Branding Theorist at heart, and a Marketing Communications Manager by day. His blog – interacter – is the primary location he shares insight and information relating to marketing, branding and advertising strategy.
You can follow Neil on Twitter, circle him (like an escaped bull) on Google+ or track him down in any number of other ways.
I found the image at the top of this post from a Google search for “now”. I’m not sure where it comes from – the website underneath it had expired. If it’s yours, let me know and I’ll remove it.


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