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Advertising Wednesday’s pick of the headlines (Daily Strategic Bulletin for 15 Feb 2012)

Getting it on with the locals, (re)touching models and stupidity in fundraising advertising – all mentioned in today’s Advertising Wednesday Strategic Daily Bulletin!

Dude – uncool!

Dear advertisers of the world; stop treating your audience like morons.

Every time you retouch an advert, you’re lying to your consumers, the people who buy your stuff.

It’s seriously uncool. Trust me on this.

And, strategically, it’s indefensible. Because what you’re really saying is that your product’s no good without a bit of photoshop enhancement.

Self defeating or what?

Getting down and dirty with the locals

Hyperlocalism is one of those phrases which is never really going to go away, especially now that it’s moved from the consultants’ Buzzword Bingo deck and into real person speech. Streetfightmag.com’s Isa Jones has gathered 5 network advertising models which serve up fully localised targeting, looking at what the different networks offer and how they might be useful for you.

One of the biggest gains to hyperlocal advertising is that, while you might not get millions on eyeballs on your display ad, you’re getting your ad in front of people who are already bought into a particular place and have plenty of pre-formed associations and cognitive links there. Used correctly and with strong enough calls to action, hyperlocal targeting makes great business sense.

While I’m on a hyperlocal kick, this piece by Kathi Kruse is more marketing orientated, but gives you some idea about how channels such as Yelp! can be effectively leveraged. Definitely worth a read…

Stupid fundraising advertising?

Jeff Brooks slams a recent Action Against Hunger ad for using big numbers, jargon, abstract imagery and lack of a coupon.

I agree with the first two points wholeheartedly, and see where he’s coming from with the third. However, I am quite a fan of abstraction, if done right and (personally) find that abstract images can arrest my attention more effectively than a picture of a starving child, covered with flies (I grew up with a lot of those in the UK).

However, I feel that if you’re going to use abstraction effectively, you’ve got to link it through to another resource where you can make that human connection.

But what do you think?

And finally…

I love it when someone else compiles a list of great ads (saves me a whole lot of effort). Here’s a list of 6 ads (curated by the BBC) which apparently changed the way that we think.

Regardless of what they did to the little grey cells, there’s some extraordinary work here…


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