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Saying Thank You properly might put you ahead in 2012

Postcard from Small Change Fund

Your mother should have taught you to always say ‘Thank You’. But how often do you actually bother to do so in a meaningful way?

This dropped through my mailbox this morning:

Postcard from Small Change Fund

Never mind the fact that I’m on a different continent to the Small Change Fund team.

Never mind the fact that they’d already said ‘Thank You’ on Facebook and Twitter for the donation I’d made just before Christmas.

Never mind the fact that this is a postcard – hardly the cutting edge of marketing technology.

This ‘Thank You’ means something because it was handwritten.

Someone in the team had taken the time to handwrite a postcard to me – and to me alone.

Not mail merge.

Not ‘Send All’ to an emarketing database.

Not spend thousands on a generic ‘Heart Felt Thank You To You All From The Chairman‘ Youtube video.

The team had taken something valuable and irreplaceable – time – and spent it just on me to say a deeply personal ‘Thank You’ for the relatively small donation I’d made (it’s not as if I was able to donate hundreds or thousands of dollars).

I feel special. I feel honoured. I feel valued by the brand.

If these guys were a commercial outfit, my propensity to purchase would be spiking. As they’re a charitable organisation, my urge to donate again is massively increased.

My brand loyalty is at an all-time high.

So, as we move towards 2012, I’ll ask you this question:

What big bucks campaign will you initiate in the coming twelve months which will make me love your brand more than a dollar or two’s worth of postcard and postage has made me love Small Change Fund?

My bet is that you won’t manage it. Now, go ahead, surprise me…


2 thoughts on “Saying Thank You properly might put you ahead in 2012

  1. I’ve learend that the currency od thank you out-weighs and out-pays all others because as you put it so eloquently… it comes at a cost of time, which is indeed irreplaceable.

    • So true – but a Thank You seems to be getting rarer in my experience… Even holding the door open for someone is rarely even acknowledged. Time to change that, I think!

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