But is it good?

How do you know when an ad or piece of creative is good?

Gut feel is the only answer.

That point where something ignites in your belly and you know that you’re onto something.

The later point where you stand back and know that any tweaks you make will make it worse, not better.

Focus groups can’t tell you if something’s good or not. Only it it meets majority approval (afterall, focus groups approved green ketchup).

If there’s not that fire in your gut, the work’s no good.

It’s no good because you know that it isn’t right, but you don’t know why.

It’s no good because it doesn’t engage you. And if it doesn’t engage you, then what hope has it got with the rest of the planet?

It’s no good because without that fire, you’ve got no passion for it. And without passion, you won’t make that good work great by pouring your heart and soul into it.

You can’t measure good from a results point of view. Because if you’re in the place to ask “Is this work good”, you probably haven’t launched or shipped it yet.

You’ve got nothing to gauge it against, no comparison to be made.

Only when the cycle is complete, the evaluation in, the bottom line analysed, can you ask ‘Is this work good’ and get a measurable answer. An answer that relies on history to make its conclusion.

Until that point, it’s up to gut feeling.

And if you’re asking your colleagues ‘Is this good’, it isn’t.

Because if it was, you wouldn’t have to ask.


2 thoughts on “But is it good?

  1. Love the decisiveness of these words. I agree. Especially with the last sentence.

    Well done!

    PS – On a humorous note, your last sentence could well be applied to the age-old horrible question “do these jeans make me look fat?”.

  2. Hey Martin

    I aim to please!

    Gut feel can be wrong at times, that’s the only downside. Something you were sure would work falls flat. We’ve all had it.

    But the passion engendered by that feeling provides such a massive learning curve that it’s worth it, in my opinion!


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