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Where the future’s at…

Coca Cola’s ‘Like Machine’ shows just what’s possible when online and offline worlds collide…

OK, this impressed me.

Not because it’s Coke, or because it’s Facebook.

But because it’s a great piece of integration and interaction with the target audience – both in the physical and online worlds.

Coke ensured that the goings on within its Israeli summer camp were broadcast to a huge network that might not have even been engaged with the brand in the first place.

By utilising the network connections of the already bought-in advocates, the brand was able to spread its message far and wide.

Probably far further than any standard campaign would have achieved.

The community was doing the marketing all by themselves.

The check-in idea isn’t exactly new, but this integration shows just what’s possible. Afterall, Foursquare still seems (to me at least) a little niche and certainly clunky on the UK’s poor 3G network. Not as useful, fast or simple as a bracelet.

And taking this further, the concept opens up a huge range of possibilities.

Imagine you’re at a festival where there are a number of different bands playing.

You could use the bracelet idea to register your attendance and approval. The organisers could introduce game elements into the event.

Link this to an emarketing system, and the bands build up a huge database.

Add in an ecommerce angle, and you would be able to buy the band’s work when you return home, from the comfort of your home PC or device.

The story doesn’t just have to revolve around Facebook ‘Likes’.

The point is that it’s easy for the customer.

No getting the phone out, opening up an app, searching for the brand/band/whatever.

A swipe of the wrist and it’s done.

Easy as that.

And customers like an easy life.

Almost as much as they like sharing stuff.

This experiment’s shown what’s possible. What can be done with some technical wizardry and planning.

I’m excited to see the next generation of integrated executions.

That’s really where the future’s at… This is catalytic thinking indeed…


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