Marketing Strategy

The root of understanding

“Understanding equals being able to see something from more than one viewpont” – Dr Michael MacIntyre, Cambridge University.

As marketers, this should be integral to our practice.

We know our product is good (that’s why we’re marketing it).

But what we know isn’t known by all. What’s obvious to us isn’t obvious to all.

We often only see one side of the product or the brand – our side.

What’s more difficult to see is the other side that the customer sees.

The dark side of the moon, if you will.

So perhaps we need to take some time to live as the customer, even for a short while, to see what the product really looks like.

Not focus group the thing to death. Not offer incentivised surveys. Not trial run the beta phase.

But actually live as our customers. Then we might gain a radical new understanding of the product.

Think what that could do for the creative and the campaigning…


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