Brand Strategy

How flexible is the bond between brand and customer?

How far is your customer willing to travel with you before the bond breaks?

We all like to push things every once in a while.

Flex our creative muscles.

Get out of our comfort zone somewhat.

Push ourselves until we collapse into our beds 40 hours after leaving them, hopped up on caffeine and adrenaline.

Creative people love that.

It’s what we do.

But what about our customers?

How far can be push them before the bond breaks?

Are they willing to travel with us?

Or do we break ourselves to deliver outstanding work that still fits into their comfort zone?

Come to think of it, should we be pushing our customers at all, or should we be working on the assumption that comfort (physical or cognitive) is what the customer needs, especially in these turbulent times?

If you know the answer, or have an opinion, please, share it below…


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