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ATTC Calgary: Unfolding the Cycles of a City on Billboards & in Print is my favourite campaign of the moment. This post explains why it’s so brilliant.

I want the campaign to speak for itself, so I’ll make this brief.

1) Design

The design of the artwork is superb. It’s low-key, understated, easily readable even while barreling down the highway.

It is beautifully simple, and simply beautiful

2) Placement

Brilliant placement where the message stands out for the passer-by and invites reflection.

3) Content

And this is the real killer. The real reason that the campaign stopped me in my tracks.

The content takes me on a journey. I admit, I’ve never been to Calgary, but I understand the messages based on my own locality.

The billboards fill me with hope, inspire rage, make me sad, and return me to hope again.

I travel with the message, even if I’m not physically travelling on the same journey.

But, there’s more.

The messages invite me to become part of the story. I fill the first part of the incomplete sentences with an action. I insert a sentence after the full stop to continue the narrative.

I am part of the story, as much as that story is part of me.

If you do nothing else today, read the full story and see all of the billboards on the Broken City Lab website.

You’ll be glad that you did.

And one final point, a confession if you will. The featured image for this post (and the image below) is the first billboard I saw.

It nearly made me weep.

That’s the impact it had. Or, more precisely, the impact of the story I was invited to construct had.
...and the city started to feel a little different
I say no more.


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