Advertising Strategy

3 Little Words

There are the three little words that I think everyone in the advertising world should live by.

For all of the huff and puff of the communications industry, we’re all here for a single purpose.

To sell stuff.

That’s it. It really is that simple.

We might be selling cosmetics, furniture, housing or getting people to buy into an idea for social change.

Whatever it is, we’re selling.

And, as far as I’m concerned, there are three little words that should be the powerhouse of our efforts.

  • Captivation
  • Seduction
  • Activation
  • Let’s run these through:

    Captivation – does the work captivate the audience, even for the briefest of moments? Does it breakthrough all of the noise and demand attention?

    Seduction – once captivated, is the consumer seduced? Does the work speak to them in the right way, in a language that they understand? Does it touch on a deep, fundamental truth about them and/or what they’re hoping to achieve – either that moment or in their life as a whole? Does it seduce them into believing that what you’re selling will make their lives better?

    Activation – does the work contain a clear message that allows the consumer to do something with the passion and feeling that you’ve aroused? Is it obvious how they can take a positive action to buy whatever it is that you’re selling?

    Captivation. Seduction. Activation. I think it really is that simple.

    And if the work is missing any of those elements, it will probably fail.

    The hard part is working out what will deliver these three little words into the mind of the consumer.

    Now that’s what we’re really here for…


    3 thoughts on “3 Little Words

    1. Right on, Neil. I was just captivated, seduced, and activation. This encapsulates the overall process and goal concisely and cuts through the clutter to focus on what really matters in the overall marketing message. Thank you. I know I’ll be coming back to this as a starting point for my clients to keep me focused.

      • Cool – delighted that you like it! I think that many people (me included) can get caught up in the trendy, cool, desirable and shiny.
        But if those things don’t do one of the above, will be an expensive experiment that doesn’t advance brand goals…

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