Clip clop, clip clop, over the rickety bridge

Yes, I got trolled yesterday – I think that the Daily Mail’s to blame…

Getting trolled is an occupational hazard in Communications (getting sued can be another). So I was pretty pleased when this comment landed last night:

if you are Neil Hopkins of the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership then you are such a pathetic person I can’t describe you. You really need a PROPER job!!

I’m really chuffed that someone bothered to seek me out to attempt a trolling. Let’s face it, I’m not famous enough for a search on my name to trouble the top five pages of Google (that honour largely goes to my actor namesake from Lost). Even searching for “Neil Hopkins Sussex” doesn’t trouble Google too much – although I am splattered all over the results with my job.

Yes, I am Neil Hopkins from the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership. A fact which anyone can work out by having a look through my posts and seeing the Embrace Life coverage I’ve put on here. It’s not difficult to work out.

But someone has taken the trouble to work out who I am, tracked me down to my personal blog and taken the time to make a comment.

What’s even better is that they’re not local to Sussex. The IP address points to somewhere just outside of Blackburn.

That’s a lot of commitment. And I feel really quite honoured/flattered… If only every word I say, every campaign I put out, can generate such commitment and time investment!

Clip clop, clip clop, over the rickety bridge indeed!

(Here’s one version of the story that I think inflamed my troll!)


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