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Processes and objects; systematics in marketing and branding?

The world is divided into processes and objects according to Dr Markus Kirkilionis. Although he was talking about ocean waves at the time, it’s a perfect analogy for marketing and branding practice. Here’s why…

According to the good Doctor, objects fix energy while processes allow change and flow. A rock, for example, is an object in which energy is locked.

A wave, by contrast, is a process in which the energy is constantly changing; changing direction, changing into sound and so on.

Processes, such as waves, as therefore dynamic and constantly shifting. Objects, such as rocks, are fixed with no energy transfer and can undergo long periods with no change.

Mathematically, these can apparently be represented with Equilibrium Solutions (objects) and Transient Solutions (unstable and constantly shifting processes). (I say apparently because I’m not a Mathematical Biologist but I think I get the gist of it…)

Where do you – and your work – sit?

I find it extremely exciting to think that I’m working within a dynamic process, similar to that which rolls across our oceans, as I design marketing and branding strategies.

On the other hand, I try to create work that is inherently stable and won’t implode in the wild. The tactics and outcomes from the strategies need to be created as objects.

Is it therefore the process that creates the object, the instability which eventually creates the stability?

I believe so. I believe that the process of marketing and branding is full of rolling, roiling, boiling energy that pounds upon the object of the outcome (whether that’s a teaspoon, a car or a brand image). Eventually the shifting energy distils and becomes potential energy, invested in the object that the process has been directed towards.

Do you sit in that maelstrom too? Or is your process more objectified? And if it is, how does that work for you?

And one further question: can strategy turn process into an object if there’s no chaos clause written in? Do you need a chaos clause at all?


3 thoughts on “Processes and objects; systematics in marketing and branding?

  1. if you are Neil Hopkins of the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership then you are such a pathetic person I can’t describe you. You really need a PROPER job!!

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