5 film posters worth sharing

I couldn’t help but share these film posters for ‘Black Swan’…

In an age where CGI and photograph film posters are the norm, it’s a refreshing change to see some beautiful illustration.

Personally, I prefer drawn posters to photographic 99% of the time. There’s something loving in their creation, the romantic idea of the graphic artist sharpening and resharpening their pencils, bent over a drawing desk, creating directly from the mind.

It’s an issue of authenticity. Anyone can take a photograph (some not as good as others, admittedly, but…). Not everyone can create like this.

And it reminds me of the images of the ‘Golden Age’ of cinema. When going to the pictures was a rare treat, not something available all day, every day. When the experience was scarce. When there was a sense of wonder…

But enough of me. Here are the posters…

The Black Swan (1)
The Black Swan (2)
The Black Swan (3)
The Black Swan (4)

And one of the incredible photographic images, just to round it off:

The Black Swan (5)


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