Custard not jam – how Twitter sorted it out

There’s a lot to be said for the provision of customer service via Twitter. But I don’t often get to see it.

Until today that is.

When one customer bought a pack of doughnuts from the Cooperative, he was expecting to gorge on his favourite type of sugary goodness.

But – shock! horror! – he found an interloper in the pack:

I wonder if he actually expected any kind of response…

Fast forward to today and this turns up in the TweetStream:

OK so it took @CooperativeFood 17 hours to respond. Perhaps they could/should have been quicker to really make the most of the real-time customer service opportunities afforded by the Twitter platform.

But the fact is that they did respond. With a phone number (no need to go searching their website). And a real person’s name (no need to have to explain the predicament – presumably Danielle’s been briefed and is waiting for the call).

So the customer will be happy, the company’s shown that they’re paying attention and employing real people (smiley face proves this), and it’s generated a bit of conversation into the bargain.

Other business, take note – this is how it should be done…


One thought on “Custard not jam – how Twitter sorted it out

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