Questions (for you)

What’s your most perfect TV advert?

There have been so many brilliant TV ads in the last fifty years, but if you could only choose one, which would it be?

For me, the answer’s simple. It’s the ad I wished that I’d written. It’s this one for the Honda Jazz:

Would it make we want to buy a Jazz? No (but if I lived in the city, maybe).

Would it make me consider a Honda? Yes.

For me, the copy is brilliant – just minimalist enough to be bare but not so minimalist as to be stark. I love the graphics and I love the sentiment.

It appeals to me and my outlook on life. Yes, we are all just trying to get somewhere, whether in our careers, on the roads or in love.

I also love the fact that it’s an ad for a car, that doesn’t play up the car at all. It plays on experience. And memory. And, for me, cognitive consonance.

It’s the perfect union of image, copy and voice over. Damn, I wish that I’d written it.

Please share your most perfect ads below – it will be a fascinating slice of advertising history…


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