Questions (for you)

Being driven mad by a CV…

The time has come to rewrite my CV from the ground-up. Which is probably the most difficult, infuriating and annoying thing that I’ve had to do this year… Just how do you actually write one?

Yes, I know all of the general rules about presentation, layout and content. But I’m just not happy.

Take, for example, the important ‘Strong Team Player’ statement.

I am a good team player. But, quite aside from the fact that everyone has something similar on their CV, I don’t want to say Strong Team Player.

I want to say ‘Plays Nicely With Others’.

Because that sounds more like me. But I don’t think that it will please the HR types all that much.

And the other problem is that a CV is retrospective.

The things I have done are the sum of my experience, and without my experience, I am nothing. In fact, one could argue that the things I’ll do tomorrow are an extension of the things I did yesterday.

The lessons I learnt, the mistakes I made, the times it all went to plan.

Without those experiences, I wouldn’t be able to grow and move forward.

But I want my CV to be futurespective.

I don’t know that I want to be employed for the things I’ve done as much for the things that I’m going to do. But how on earth do you quantify that and show it on a professional CV?

So while I wrestle with these fundamental conundrums, here’s a cloud taken from my bullet-pointed CV frame containing my basic timeline and a few descriptive words.

I rather like it. And, on a separate note, it’s interesting to see what Wordle throws up. In fact, I’ve learnt more about my CV content from this quick cut/paste exercise than from hours of staring at the wretched thing…


So - what did you think? Love it? Loathe it? Have something to add? Well, what are you waiting for?

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