In 2010, who owns the means of production?

Hint: It’s not the factory owner.

The factory owner doesn’t own the means of production any more. Granted, he owns the bricks and mortar, the machines that make stuff, package stuff, ship stuff.

But these aren’t the true tools of production.

Our brains are. The initial spark that gives us an idea, that’s the indivisible unit of production. Everything else is just a tool that makes it happen.

We’re in a post-atom world where bytes are rapidly becoming more important than bits. We talk electronically, work electronically, transmit ideas electronically.

This is why we no longer need the factory owner.

As long as we have an idea and something to express it with (working vocal chords, an appendage with which to write/sketch etc), we can create the means of production.

You don’t need to be a publisher to create a book that changes the world (just start a blog). You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create amazing works of art (so long as you have the idea and can enthuse others, there’s plenty of OpenSource working going on out there to help you out). You don’t need a million dollars to create a million dollar marketing campaign (just be clever about it).

We can use our initial spark to gather a tribe around us, a tribe which will bring that initial spark to life. And if that initial spark needs to become physical, well, there are people out there who’ll help with that for nothing more than the credit, the challenge and the glory.

So, given that you own your own means of production and have no real barriers to implementation, what are you doing with it today?


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