3 cool things from my online week

The internet is like a charity shop – full of donations, old rubbish and a few hidden gems dotted about the place. Here are three of those gems from this week that I think you should read:

1) Soiled and Seeded

This is gardening, but not as we know it. In their words:

Soiled and Seeded is an online garden zine dedicated to neophyte, seasoned, adventurous and guerilla gardeners. We are intent on cultivating a garden culture not based on decorative, hi-gloss scenarios, but rather one that restores our connection to the natural world and redefines our relationship to plants

Guerilla gardening – that’s what caught my eye. The idea of lobbing a few seed bombs here and there, re-jungling the urban jungle and generally creating a little chaos with the help of Mother Nature is a sentiment that pleases me immensely.

2) Humanize your brand – Josip Petrusa

I can’t seem to go near a marketing blog or LinkedIn group at the moment without falling over a post debating whether a brand is human, should be human, or whether branding experts need to have a lie down in a quietened room until the whole thing’s blown over.

However, Josip’s post is probably about the best I’ve seen on the subject – well worth a read.

3) Avoid the corner of death!

Ahh nothing like the corner of death. No, it’s not about cage fighting, boxing or the seat in a restaurant next to the rest rooms – this corner of death is all about where to put a logo.

Such a small, simple thing you’d think. But what’s interesting is that eyetracking research is suggesting that where most advertisers put the logo is pretty much wrong.

(Note: It’s worth a few minutes checking out the rest of the NeuroScience Marketing blog as well. Some seriously interesting stuff there…)


So - what did you think? Love it? Loathe it? Have something to add? Well, what are you waiting for?

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