Open Letter: Save the world without lifting a finger

Got a social conscience? Want to help fix world problems? Then this is for you…

This is my call for creative people across the world to join me on The Grid – an open source computing project dedicated to using your spare computer processor time to solving world hunger, cancer and running a host of other projects.

You can learn more about the project on their website: http://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/

I’ve run this software for around 9 years now and have never experienced a problem. Even on my older work box, with its comparatively puny 1.8Ghz processor, I don’t notice any significant reduction in computation or run-time speed.

If anyone out there remembers the SETI at home project, this is a similar idea. You create an account, download a lump of software which then pulls packets of data from central servers. These data packets are related to the projects you choose to run – this could be for Clean Water, curing Cancer, searching for an anti flu shot etc.

Your PC analyses these packets and returns any interesting results to the BOINC supercomputers, which can then spend their CPU cycles only looking at the really interesting stuff.

It’s like Digg, only for curing real world problems.

There’s a team created especially for the Creative Community which I’d like everyone to join. You can find it either by clicking this link or by going to http://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/ then logging in and clicking “My Team” then “Find a Team” in the left hand navigation (search for “Creative Community”).

So there we have it. A way for the world to make use of processor power and time which would otherwise go to waste. Yet another instance of being able to achieve something by working together…

Thank you, in advance, for joining…



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