Outlook, Cloudy. Marvellous.

Advertising is dead.

Marketing is being laid out.

PR has had the lid nailed down.

Branding is in the hearse.

We’re in a post-division world. So let’s get on and do it.

I keep reading opinion pieces and articles where the four disciplines of branding, advertising, marketing and PR (plus all of their sub-divisions) squabble over who owns this or that (SocMed in particular), who adds most ROI, who does what and where the lines are drawn in an increasingly fuzzy world.

And it’s doing my head in – not to put too fine a point on it. It’s just not how I think life should work.

Look at each of the professions above. What are they trying to do? What is their exact purpose for existing?

The answer: to drive the bottom line. No more and certainly no less.

Why bother advertising if not to sell more product? Why bother running marketing campaigns if not to get more people talking about you or connecting with you (and sell more product)? What’s the point of a PR campaign if it isn’t to manage and promote your reputation in the market place (and sell more product)? Why build a brilliant brand if not to create loyalty, presence and a framework for the other disciplines (and sell more product)?

So they are all trying to achieve the same goal. The bottom line might be coins on the table, wells in Africa or ticks on a ballot sheet. Product might be shampoo, karma, political affiliation or, for that matter, blog traffic.

It doesn’t matter. All disciplines strive for the same purpose.

What if all of these disciplines came together in a Communications Cloud? Just like in a real cloud, each molecule (discipline) interacts with the other molecules around it, driven by the thermals of the brief or project at hand. And when enough momentum had gathered, when all of the right bits were joined together, it would rain campaigns. Integrated campaigns. Interacting campaigns. And when it’s good, really good, there will be lightning.

This is exciting. This is Communications 3.0. This is the Cloud. Welcome.

Disclaimer: Don’t get me wrong – I adore each division. I love advertising and all of its challenges. My brain seems to have a natural brand and marketing bent. PR, done right, can be staggering and I really ‘get it’. But I think they’re better in a cloud. It’s just the way it is.


One thought on “Outlook, Cloudy. Marvellous.

  1. or instead of a cloud (which can have some implicit negative connotations) what if it were a symphony. Each division is a different instrument–some carry the melody, some the harmony, etc–and each are OK on their own, but when they come together, think of the amplification.

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